This is Baseline.php

Baseline.php is a set of everyday functions missing from core PHP. It includes useful and usable tools for manipulating arrays/strings, accessing/moving/deleting files as well as debugging. Read documentation on this site and try it out.

Baseline.php is tested on PHP 5.2+ and released under MIT License. This documentation is always available online at


Download Baseline.php's release file and include it in the beginning of your PHP script:

require_once 'baseline.php';

You can now use Baseline.php's functions in the script.


All Baseline.php's functions are in the global namespace. Why? Because it's PHP we're talking about here! The docs, however, are at least categorized:

Some functions are still missing proper descriptions. This will be improved soon.

It's open-source

Jerry Jäppinen

Baseline.php is an open-source project authored by Jerry Jäppinen from It's released under MIT License.

Development is managed at Bitbucket, where you can find the source code, development snapshots, automated tests etc. Contributions are gladly accepted as pull requests or via any other channel that suits you best. Like Tweets!